Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blogged as of 26/01/10
I guess 2day luck was on my side.On mon xiuyi taught me excel.She forever so helpful.Very grateful.Lyk thank god.And when reached class we draw lots and i got hendrick as my partner.Damn heng.Cuz out of the 7 qns i only noe 3.De rest all he think de.Nth much after tat all i noe was BORING!!!Teacher ended lesson lyk 1 hr early 2day and jewell n i were lyk thinking wher to go.I suggested smth cuz her phone no batt n she very steady one.Immediately ok.Haha.So we both headed hm first n out again.

Go wher?Go shopping!For cny clothes.Normally i can shop i very excited one but uh 2day dunno y ok only leh.Walked so long finished shoppin de whole of orchard n somerset?End up we both bought nth!Except i got my concealer cuz no choice mine finished alr.I cnt believe leh.Nth at all.Nth caught our eyes nor made us double take.I think be wit her too long uh i will become too picky oso.i told her.And she's lyk eh!Y lyk tat.So jonald luh.Lastly hm-ed to do project watch show or whatsoever.Otw back chat wit her a lot.Wanna noe?Dun so KPO!Dunno is really so much things to say or cuz i always too random or i think i too talkative uh.

Ouh well i didnt noe things would turn out lyk tat.If only.Too much ifs.I'll leave it understated.I couldnt blame u.It wasnt ur fault.But to be left lost w/o explanations is it fair?I think i've gone thru enough to trust my own instinct.Rather den feeling appalled i rather be prepare n i was.Thats y i always doubt,always dun believe.Such things is juz probably fantasy.Lucky i was fast enough to dodge.Else it would have been worse.

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