Sunday, January 24, 2010

Morning went to work was super damn shag.It's lyk tired to de max.I stand i walk i sit all i feel lyk doing only one thing.Close my eyes!Den i was standing near de enterance when i saw tis ah gong n ah ma.They both are one cute couple.De door need to press de sensor thingy to open n the ah gong didnt noe.den de ah ma tried n de door opened.Lyk ta-da!And they both looked at each other n laughed.That kinda ouh so need to press den can open kinda look.Cute!And den linked arms n walked out frm the other way.Sooo sweet rite?Awww~

And i've got guess wat???Ferrero Rocher!!!!I got it by helping out ytd after work.Haha yeah!Chocos again.Im gonna grow fat but hu cares?I still look adorable anw.Ppl said i've become a lil thinner.But i dun think so eh?Ouh well.2moro macro's presentation thr goes another n we'll be left wit ewc.Den yea horrible exam tat have to be on de wk of cny.Gonna catch my sleep soon.TA~

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