Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ouh i guess i rmb a lil le.Some philosophical thingy again?Haha.I wan ppl to leave comments n have their say alright?Does looks really matters?Wat if ur partner is not so gd looking?But i dun understand is y?U look gd others dun wat makes u have de right to say about them?Goes eeyer,den de scruntinizing look.They dun wan to look tis way either do they?They're born tat way but they cnt blame their parents also rite.If a person looks gd n they dun have a gd heart wat's de pt?Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.I feel sad for them.If i were them my self esteem would go all de way down to perhaps zero.Probably im exaggerating.Ouh well.I used to care alot on de outer appearance.But is how de person is n not how they look tat matters.I've learn not to care so much bout looks.Yes of cuz it matters but if person themselve present them well is acceptable aint?As i grow i learn...

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