Monday, January 18, 2010

Rushing lyk mad for time.Many a time i juz wish a day was 36 hrs.Additional 12 more hrs would be much btr aint?Lyk always xueru's blog is so inspirational,heart wrecking,funny,sweet all kinds u can name.Of cuz not disgusting.U read u'lll feel fo her.It's juz so i dunno how to say or probably im juz much more emotional.She's one very optimistic girl.I lyk to talk to her.

I realise i've been getting more n more edgy lately.When im very stressed dun irritate me or i'll show my devil side.Should really really put in more effort n quit being super lazy.I dislike myself for keep telling myself smth in my mind i should do tis tis n tis but i always didnt get it done.Wat a procrastinator i am.Tsk tsk tsk!!!Fed up man..Whenever i feel i should do smth but my mind always give me reasons not to.Awww man~Gotta study for my poa for 2moro the test.

The lack of sleep is making me more ugly!!!Pimples popping out.Damn big man.Looking super shag wit heavy eye bags.Gosh.And 2moro after sch project swimming n project again.Juz get over n done wit it.

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