Friday, January 22, 2010

I should be sleeping right now cuz 2moro i mean later i gotta wake up at 8am.But ouh well here i am again.Sometimes i really dislike it when ppl wanna talk to u n dun wanna call ur name.Is lyk directly talking n when im not looking how de hell do i noe tat u're talking to me?And get fed up wit me for not replying?Is it tat difficult?It is reallly annoying luh.And smth random but im thinking bout wat sha told me.It made sense in some way yea?Thinking of projects done one by one test finishing one by one n exam date is getting sooner n sooner.Gosh!Not to mention de excel test next wk.Mati alr i need help!!!It's sometimes btr to only keep it to urself.

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