Thursday, January 21, 2010

UGLY OR NOT???blame de cam for de lousy outlook-.-
But i think i still look cute anw.Whether u lyk it or not i noe im cute!Haha^^

Project in de morning thr goes my long sleeping time.Awww man~It's ok after everything tat ahs to be done is done-ded haha here comes my quality sleep.2day at work was crazy.Everybody so super high including me.I was try or should i say wanna look ugly in my way or geeky so i bored my colleague's geek specs to wear.N so nice of her i wan wear de whole day she lend me till sat!Haha.Many diff looks were given to me.Ouh well juz wana feel a diff way.It's not all tat matters.

I think i felt tat it wasnt genuine,or probably im juz oversensitive as usual.Juz hoping for everything to be alright.Perhaps i would juz stop being an irritant.Stop taking initiatives n see if it still matters uh?

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