Friday, January 29, 2010

I skipped marketing tut 2day.First time throughout de yr.Gosh i juz felt too sleepy to wake up n go to de lesson tat i hardly pay attn to.I noe it's my bad wat a horrible stud.Im so freaking disgusted wit myself sometimes.Went to sch for de last lesson n got back poa results.Was super disappointed.It wasnt up to standard.Teacher once said those wit who dun pay attn in lec n never do tut n still can score ok is becuz they got poa background.Those who pay attn n do tut n yet w/o poa background n can score ok is becuz they really put in de effort n hard work.I noe im not being complacent,nor over confident becuz last sem's AFA is a very gd lesson learnt.But for tat i oso dun think im was too complacent other den de first test cuz arnd 60% is sec sch didnt learn de.Sigh.Mood damn low to de max.

Asked frens out to pool after sch.Before tat went to marsiling to help my mom make some payment which i told her umpteenth times tat it's alr paid ouh well.So as expected i made a wasted trip thr.Thx to her for insisting tat i muz go!And got drenched in de sudden heavy downpour.It's been quite a long while since i last got drenched.I didnt mind tat much anw.Frm de start since i woke up girlf was super damn nice.I asked her to acc me msg n she did all de way to lighten my mood.So nice of her to even suggest to study wit me oso.Thr's so much things we missed doing together but it will all be done after all projects n exams!Including bitching!I promise.Love her to de max.Tis sentence cfm lover will comment smth one.Rite?Den pool-ed and hm for dinner.

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