Sunday, January 31, 2010

2day was yonghui's last day working alr.Sad.Know her for a yr plus le..Pics taken wit her.Waiting to be uploaded to fb.I seriously hate wkend crowds plus festive season.Ppl are really worse den insane.PLs luh go shopping walk arnd n see dun hand so itchy can.Go flip so hard make de prong drop n all de clothes messed up.Nvm still.Walked pass a row of clothes either de hand or bag make de clothe drop i dun care.At least turn arnd n pick it up luh.So difficult meh?Pretend dunno.DEN DUN WALK SO NEAR!Especially aunties and china women!Wat if ppl walk pass u n lightly tug at ur shirt n it fell off ur body?U lyk meh?

So wat if i dun allow u to try more den 3 piece at a time?Im merely following de policy.Yea lyk u say it's ridiculous.But use ur brain think luh inconsiderate biatch.U say u try more u'll buy more but hu noes?Wat if u tried so many n yet u only found 1 u lyk?Is tat purchasing more?Wat if u were de one behind in line n some1 in front is doing de same thing as u did?Would u queue up till fed up?Yes rite?!Even if no,for god damn sake it isnt even de manager's fault tat de store is so freaking small n not enough fitting room.NO link!It's not even his prob!Go built more?U pay luh!Easier said den done.*roll eyes*PLs luh got money big deal uh?U reserve de whole shop i let u try till u drop!Ppl being polite to u n wat?U dont buy our products n it's our loss?Lack of one kind u less explanations,less trouble,less complains queue goes much faster.Screw u luh seriously.Go ahead n write in to complain to de management.U're 1 out of probably de 10.Got money wont buy u consideration.Im so disgusted!Y on earth do such ppl exist?Waste de oxygen in de atmosphere only.Ugh!

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