Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ouh well had a tiring day.Im not de only one.Quit complaining.I still feel bad thou.Haven been faithful lately.Busy so cnt blame me.But im here alr aint i?Haha.Sometimes i agree tat when someone cares for u,u might find them irritating or naggy(about the same?) n when they dun care alr,or should i say care but dun bother to show u say they neglect u or smth lyk tat isnt it?Weird n unexplainable.Humans always contradict themselves.Small lil actions do count.But not to mention being sensitive yea?However sometimes one should be more understandable too.Weilun is right in a sense luh.Random act of kindness do exist n being appreciated or not is up to individuals.Happiness is all about giving n dun expect anything in return aint?Or is it more indepth n profound?Aiya simplicity is understated.Thr are times when actions n feelings are undefined.Too chim?I kinda dunno y i said all these oso.Lols.

For ppl who got their o's result.Be it gd or not?The result has proven ur effort.Dun dwell on it.Take it as a learning pt n stepping stone to the next chap of ur life.And live it btr den before.Girlf rmb ok?

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