Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2day went to sch only for 2 hrs!So sad muz wake up early now very tired.But if i noe i sleep later sure no need sleep.I damn blur can.Help girlf submit her doc den i didnt c my cousin's i thot i didnt bring muz go back take de go sch again.When i reach hm i couldnt find de documents anywher i check my file again n guess wat?It's thr.Wasted trip.2moro gottta make a trip to sch n th'r no lesson!Idiotic uh.Blame myself for being blur.I hope i can wake up 2moro:x Sometimes i really really dislike judgemental ppl.It's so freaking irritating n gets on my nerve.Yea rite their opinion.So wat?Ouh well humans born tis way uh?Screw tis bullshit!Y dont juz qns de person instead?y guess tis assume tis n tat?Seriously.My god!

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