Friday, February 12, 2010

Celebrated Lynn's 18th bday ytd at cafe cartel(PS).Hope u've enjoyed de short celebration((: Idk y i was feeling down rite moody ytd.Frens qnsed my quietness i answered wit im tired.I really am but it normally wouldnt cause me to be moody.Juz i guess too much things gg on in my mind.But meeting girlf made me felt a whole lot btr.Understand y i simply love her?Ok luh not forgetting my lover n others or else they'll jealous i didnt mention!Hahaha.And yes i've got my antidote.I drank double choco frappe!Lucky i did.

Becuz ti morning i when i wake up to prepare for sch my stomach fail me.I had tummy upset again.My daddy ask me to go see doc or not muz wait till de 4th day of cny.And due to de long queue im too late to even attend poa lesson.Sian.I was bored to de max!I read poa,listened to songs n even read magazines to kill boredom.Ouh how much i hate it!After consultation guess wat de doc says?No milk products for de time being meaning no chocos for me!!!Awww...Y not?!Even milo i drink every morning oso muz be milo kosong=xx I shall be a gd girl bah.Or not i'll miss my love for a even longer time:(( And i got a feeling tis yr's new yr im gonna be so freaking bored.FRens whom are free lets take tis time to meet up!

I say i wan to change i jolly well self motivate to change for de btr.I shall not care too much bout ppl's god damn nasty comment.I shall live my life de way i deem fit.I've frens whom are very supportive n regarding hypocrites no thx get lost!I dun need u to tell me hu i am nor acting lyk how.I noe myself btr den u do.Time will always prove it all.

And to all study hard for de upcoming exam!

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