Monday, February 1, 2010

I didnt have a gd sleep.Tat's becuz i cnt sleep w/o my blankie!It's so irritating.I woke up in de middle of de night feeling cold.Wit only de fan on.I turn down de speed n tried to go to my parents room to get de extra blanket but my dad lock de door!Too bad.Forget it i go back n try to go back to sleep but i juz couldn't!I got fed up wit myself for not being able to go back into my sleep n i spent 1 hr or so toss n turning in bed.Freaking irritating, especially when i need my sleep!Open my wardrobe n took out my jacket to cover my legs.Finally i got tired of turning n fell asleep.Woke up tis morning feeling damn sleepy n now having a bit of headache.ARGH~

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