Friday, February 19, 2010

I screwed 2day.Big time.I rmb everything how many every heading has but juz fail to recall at all.My paper blank blank n blank my mind blank.WTF!If not i would rmb de last few when de qns ask for de first few.Gosh.I really juz aim to pass tis paper now.U dunno how desperate i felt while attempting de paper.Horrible.I did well for my projects.I guess my effort wasnt enough.Tis paper would really pull me down.At de moment i really wanna go bang de wall.No pt dwelling on it le.1 down 3 to go.Should really really do well for de rest of de paper.DAPHNE U CAN DO IT!

Thr's so much to say.Whr should i start frm?My mind was in a horrible state.Worrying bout tis n tat.Trying very very hard to ignore de unimpt.Sometime i really did worry de extra.However assurance is still btr.Thr's more to say but im stuck.I'll slowly edit tis post when i rmb bit by bit.My memory seriously is failing me.Making my stm worse only.TSK.ThankQ xueru darling.So sweet of u always to ask bout me,how am i n stuffs.When im unwell will be concern n all.Not only towards me but others as well.U're a wonderful fren((: Jewell too.Thou initially i thot u're so super anti n unfriendly.When i get to noe u, u're one quite stand out fren.Idk how to say.Im pretty awed^^haha

I can dun care much bout how much ppl dislike me nor how ppl think of me.Cuz i noe thr'll always be those few tat noe me n still love me for hu i am.And it also shows how well they understood me.Not base on perception.I've grow n learn so much on my own thru frens n experiences,everytime taking me to a diff turn in life.Braved thru many things,making me stronger each time.Thou im sensitive n emotional.I am alr satisfied wit wat i have(except i haven make my mark in studies).When im down de most someone is always thr.I'll always have utmost support when i do not have confidence at all.My sugar n brynner kor always stood by me.WE're long dist cousins but we're lyk blood related siblings.My frens.They're an awesome bunch!

Lover always gives me spoken or unspoken support.She n girlf n qingaide are de first to give me always.Sometimes some things we dont dare to share,probably de fear of strong disagreement.Especially girlf rite?But we were always so wrong.

No need to say darling noe my chou pattern.U also uh dun keep say me!But still help me a lot.Still cnt deny u're as irritating as ever.HAHA!!!

WL also.Unexpected.But well i think he noe how to think very much.Childish at times but got his mature de side.

Well well hu did i missed out?Ouh yea bff.One person tat never fail to notice my unhappiness,moodiness,happiness,whatever luh.And for sure always thr for me be it anything.

And whoever i missed out i didnt on purpose.Juz cnt rmb so much.BUt i'll always rmb de surprise msg after finding out smth happen regarding me showing ur care n concern.It's very much appreciated.

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