Sunday, February 14, 2010

New yr is getting boring,boring n more boring each yr.First day of new yr daddy is making such a big fuss early in de morning 8am++ n on his music player freaking loud causing me frustration!I slept close to 5am n woke up at 8 plus..Wat de..Den wake me up still nvm after tat he himself fall asleep.Wat a NICE dad!*roll eyes* Went visiting kinda late lyk 1 plus in de afternoon.I got nth to do except watching tv at ppl's hse n msg-.- Bored to de max.
Smth random but i seriously hate driver hu dont look whr they are driving!2day a pizzahut or was it mac delivery man on bike turned out frm a curb n was looking to his left when he's turning to de right!WTF!And my dad's lorry almost knocked into him.JUz missed by a step.Pls luh walao wan drive be more careful n alert ma.Almost caused an accident.Dunno how to drive dun drive!Argh..

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