Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ouh well wat was i doing de past few days???Except work work n work.Yeah!2moro is my off day n im gg for chalet.Woohoo!I hope it's gonna be fun:x 4 chalets tis mth n till de end of de mth i'll probably end up having a huge hole in my pocket even before my next pay comes.Mummy is not gonna give me weekly allowance anymore.She wants me to manage my own money.I suck at it but i gotta learn!I wanna learn.I requested for it to be tis way too.

Ytd i work till break time n was sent to vivo to swap for a cashier cuz topman's only cashier is on mc.Thx lorx.I dun mind luh but hor got thr quite bored uh.De staffs thr only a couple of them are friendly.De rest give me very hostile de feeling.Tsk eeyer i dun lyk.Bugis ppl are much much more friendlier.And de shop is freaking big.Aiyo.Check stock muz walk all de way to de end whr de stock room is.Probably oso becuz it's outta my comfort zone.Not tat it aint gd but probably too used to bugis.Nvm thr'll sure be a day lyk tat.

Designing class tee now.Dunno wat de class lyk so juz saw wat came to my mind.Past few days no time to draw.Im so excited cuz i dun have to be hm for 3 days frm 2moro onwards!Am i a human wit feelings???Yes!But i juz love adventure n outdoor n fun!!!

Toodles ppl~Miss me!

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