Friday, March 5, 2010

So much ppl miss me uh!Haha well well back frm chalet n work.2 days off damn shiok.But not enough sleep still.Haha.YTd Woke up by dilys calling me in de morning at 11 plus asking me to go downstairs pei her cuz she very bored watching frens playing bball n de sun is freaking hot!Anw it's her bday so yea pei bday girl awhile.Den after she came to my hse cuz too long didnt 'visit' liao n left cuz she n i both had to go out.Went to pay bill n present hunting.Wanted to get myself smth but still couldnt find anything i lyk.Argh.Is it me being too picky or is thr really probs wit de shop???TSK!

2moro i think i really gotta head down to sch to get my admin card.So careless of me to left it behind.Meeting girlf for lunch n 'shopping' after movie wit qingaide n lover.EH U 3 we btr take some pics 2moro to update my blog.It's so freaking getting wordy liao leh.OKOKOK???haha actually i no need ask de luh.I randomly ask u'll oso will take wit me de rite?So gg broke tis mth.Chalets n bdays.Gosh!BUt wat to do?Wanna enjoy ma use money for de happiness n fun it's worth it de.Gonna work more frm next wk onwards.

off to do de finishing touches to de class tee.I reallly hope tis wont fail.

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