Monday, March 29, 2010

Finally off day!!!Not lyk i have been working so many days-.- But these few days are juz plain boring.Idk y leh.Not much of a crowd,time difficult to pass=SIAN! Haha.Yea((: getting my BB .Ytd as usual at 8 plus 9 i went to buy food for everyone n as usual sure got orders to go old chang kee.Den one of de aunty tat always sees me said:hello baby girl.2day's order?Smth lyk tat.Den i say 1 curry o only.Den she said:De rest of de team no one wan alrd?I say yea 2day everybody wan eat diff food.So cute lorx.De day before ytd she said yes topshop?wat u wan.Haha everytime i go everytime i see her n she's de one hu serve me.So nice lorx.I noe im always lucky.Even if one day my luck runs out,im still bless wit tat bit of smth(which idk) tat'll help me((: Perhaps last life was a gd one.I shall repay n be gd too.

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