Monday, March 29, 2010

5 yrs of friendship,6th yr.My girlf

Hoping lover would update but ouh well another lazybum-.- but i lyk wat she plurk!'Often, someone stops by in your life and convinces you to forget someone else. Sometimes, they’re not any better. They’re just different.' And i wanna say no matter wat happens thr's still some ppl hu are willing to believe n trust tat im not lyk tat.These are ppl tat truly understand me.I dun have to explain n they juz tell me dun bother.Dun worry we noe tat tat's not u.Sometimes i really qnsed myself on my being n tis often cuz me pain n hurt i could not tell.De pain is lyk threatening to engulf me.Yet i noe best it's btr to keep it.I dont do foolish things so dun worry.And i simply lover my girlf.

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