Thursday, March 25, 2010

Haiz.Tell me wat's wrong wit me?Really.I got study but results cmi.But im trying my very best thou not my best.Once n again aways disppoint u.I noe i can.But seriously always competing against other comparing im really very tired le.So many things can finish comparing,competing meh?I noe im sucha letdown.Not as gd as others.I noe u are unhappy,disppointed,angry,worried.Im trying to remove these burdens frm u.But i cnt really do it much.U tell me luh.I study n i work.Yea rite big deal other kids do too.If cnt juggle both quit working.Spend lesser.I dun mind but de situation is cnt!I'ts not i cnt handle both.I noe it's my laziness tat cause me to be unable to perform, in turn for gd results.EXCUSES u would say.I am trying.Really.Simply saying it isnt enough aint?

Now as u allow me n need me to.Im on my own for everything.Im paying my own sch fees,earning my own allowance,paying my own transport fare,extra spendign on my own.I wanna show u i can do it.I didnt ask extra frm u.Even if i not enough oso dun dare take frm u.Sure get a hell out frm u.I didnt wanna tell u but u keep probing.Forcing me to say.Now u're super mad.I dun wan also cuz ur money is more hard earned den others.I see u slogging ur life out for me n de family i really feel heart pain.But im very strong headed.I dont tell u not wanting to let u noe everything.But am i wrong to spend my own money for enjoyment?I noe situation n situation is always wat u say i see things frm ur pt of view but wat a bout me?

Hols i work more earn more i dun expect or request to spend more.Merely to get smth i wan only.For once.And using my pay not asking u to sponsor me.Got wrong?I agree to let u deduct my monthly pay frm my bank n i will.I noe u always see money tightly i understand.Whatever it is i noe u are upset n i am too.I will talk to u when u are back.I still wan it my way.I dun think thr is right or wrong in tis.Only diff pt of view.If u dun trust me when will u be able to?

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