Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kathy n me taken after work.Fareez shy luh dun wan take.So busy working.Yes!Next wk got chalet.Haha so boring alrd lorx.I got nice parents but they're juz so not understanding.Everything oso compare.So many things in de world u tell me can finish comparing meh.Tsk!Been thinking alot n down quite recently.Not i everytime wanna emo leh.Blame my mind for always thinking too much making my poor brain suffer.I got a lot to say but at tis particular moment i cnt rmb any.Will blog again when it suddenly come to my mind again.

YEAH!!!Im getting my blackberry after i manage to sell my e63 at a reasonable rate.I am so happy.Haha.BUt very scared de arrival of next wk thou.Cuz results will be out :xx

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