Monday, March 15, 2010

Morning shift 2day n it's super boring.After work went to red man get somethings needed to make cookie^^ not exactly cookie but idk wat to call tat.Dinner n hm-ed.Asked my mother smth only talk to her nicely she talk to me accussing tone i not angry cai guai!Den talked back blurt everything out.I didnt mean it but sometimes i really juz cnt control myself.Super unhappy now!Zhen de you na me nan ma???

And i juz rmb smth.When im so desperately finding a n particular choco i feel lyk eating de supermarket dun have!convenience store oso.Pissed me off!And den juz 2day i rmb buying lotsa chocos frm cocoa tree(is it spelled lyk tat?) for val's day to give away.And at bugis got 2 somemore how blur can i get?Tsk!Well bye i go make cookies le.Work 2moro again.Hardcore man.

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