Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2day was so boring again n pissed me of again but not as much as ytd did.Lols.After work went lepak n walk walk arnd wit kathy n sha at town.Too bored luh.Sian leh actually 2moro off de but not enough staff so got called back to work morning till afternoon shifts come..Alright lorx.Anw Nth to do oso sleep.Except cnt sleep longer.Wondering when is my off day n it btr not be on a wkend!More pay leh.Im so gonna get a blackberry lyk real soon.So excited can!Haha.Very looking forwad to next wk's chalet oso.Girlf is super damn blur one.Tsk.And hor my stm uh srsly getting damn jialat.Aiyo eh.Tired le wanna shower n sleep liao.Woohoo~

sometime u should be a lil more self conscious uh.Be more responsible n considerate pls!Cnt tahan leh.It's more den juz u alone.

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