Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Went kbox wit morning shifts.Pity mango couldnt make it)): thr not gd one.I prefer downtown n amk de.ouh well.Mother is being a pain lately.Idk is smth wrong wit her or me.Probably as usual she dun lyk wat i do.Ahhh whatever~Thr's smth she can always find fault wit me.And when i reason out using logic she loses n start to threaten me.U noe how adults hate being out talked rite.

And i really really wan a blackberry phone!Ernest is lyk wat's wit de blackberry i've been hearing it for a few days alrd.Let me whine a lil luh.I never have much expectations of phone except de ability for me to call,msg take pics n listen to songs.In tis 18 yrs tis using my 4th phone every one of it used up to 2 yrs except for t700 n e63,tis is de first time i have expectations.So cool luh~Im so gonna get it by hook or crook.Haha and 2moro bbq n chalet again.It's de 3rd one.One more to go((: Weehee!Tats insanity.And i love it!

Zul is sucha lousy photographer.From left(fion,jiarong,liuying,me & kathy
Zul,Jiarong,liuying,me n kathy

Me n the noisy girl

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