Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back frm chalet lyk for de 3rd time.Only stayed over 2 nites thou.Next next wk thr's another one n de last one.Crazy aint?It btr be fun.First nite was too noisy n hyper so didnt sleep at all n went to work in de afternoon.Sian rite.Ouh well they did nth much also so it's alright.At nite those peeps wanna go clubbing,powerhse some more a couple of em not legal yet cfm cnt de leh.Expected end up they came back to chalet n i meet them back at de chalet after work.

Watched percy jackson while de rest clubbed n not even half de movie passed n i fell asleep alrd.Damn tired.Woke up arnd 5 plus when those peeps came back n it beame lyk super duper noisy again.No peace uh!Haha.Finally close to 7 fell asleep again till close to 11.Packed up n head hm to wash up n meet dilys at 1pm.Was late for lyk 20 mins n dilys was'mad'.Used to it le luh.Lunch-ed n was supposed to go shopping.Get de facts right first.I acc her shop not i shop,cuz i super broke liao.End up went kbox instead.Ya rite broke still go kbox.Wasnt in gd mood n having a throbbing headache so yea.Damn tired but dun wanna sleep yet.YEA WAT'S WRONG WIT ME?!Idk either.

Gonna work my energy all de way next wk.Told manager i was on hols n he straight put me 6 working days.NICE.Anw i got nth much on next wk might as well work more get paid more n get my blackberry faster!Lols.I wanna shop badly but i dun mind sacrificing it for de time being.BUt still thr's TEMPTATIONS :x btw pics taken during chalet all on fb.Not taken by me of cuz.Juz some here n thr.Will be gg to nbss on sat wit frens/teammates.Friendly wit junior bet we gonna be trashed.Haha so long didnt play liao no stamina no form.B girls got into nationals which is gd news.Anw im kinda looking forwards to it cuz it's been a long time.I miss de feeling of playing as a team.

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