Saturday, March 13, 2010

Work was kinda boring 2day till it's finally reaching 9pm.Gosh.I seriously seriously hate serving china custs cuz they really really pissed me off!Argh~Yea gg back to nbss 2moro for a lil gathering among graduates.Not much gg back thou but ouh well still glad some could make it((: I miss playing as a team n yes we're playing 2moro^^

Sigh sigh sigh~~~
Are we really gonna become lyk tat?It wasnt all ur fault so dun say it's u.It takes 2 hands to clap. I really dun wish but perhaps it was too selfish of me.Too used to it.Cnt let go of it is not juz a label.If it's wat u wan den up to u.I cnt do anything.Smtimes i dun mean wat i do.But juz i find u not being understanding at times or was i being too demanding???Im a human n i SUCK at multitasking!I cnt possibly split myself into piece to be at diff places doing diff things!Probably cuz i noe u too long.However deep down i dun understand u at all?Is tat it?Tis piss me off.Maybe im juz too spoiled by u.No matter how worse it gets,frens always care a lot for me,dote me lyk blood related,love me for hu i am.Sometimes i reflect n think did i ever take things for granted???But one things i noe i'll stay stay strong for i still find it hard to believe tat u will always be thr when ppl say tat.Things are hard to predict.In de end i find myself alone.Take care my dear.Still praying tat things might straighten out.So difficult for fren.

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