Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Am back to blog after not updating for quite some time.When i got inspiration to blog,i got no time.I wanna blog,den nth much came to my mind-.-

Busy working,schooling n yes still wanting to have fun.No more honeymoon wk)): boohoo!Haven been feeling very well for de past few day.Fever,cough,wat more flu came along.Ytd had a fucking terrible headache.Till i cried in pain.Felt so weak!I dun wan.I wanna get well soon n be de bouncy lively n crazy me!!!Went to work anw cuz last wk de thurs i should go to work too but took mc cuz of fever.Tis wk again den scared they not enough staffs.End up feeling tat im gonna die at work.Horrible ttm!Haha n bff indeed is bff uh.Got sick together.How nice.But not awesome at all!I cnt eat chocos,chicken n many more)): Saddening man.Worse is when im craving for it!

My eyesight oso deteriorate.Jialat liao luh.Both side degree increase by 25 degrees.Tsk.Mother nag n nag."see luh tell u sleep early dun wan","everytime ask u off com still keep using"Blah3>.<

2day in lec i dun understand much of a single shit de biz finance teacher is saying.Srsly not tat i wasnt paying attn im trying very hard to absorb wat he's saying But end up only 10% went in.Gd thing he aint my tutor or i'll die for tis module!And de law teacher is fast man.She ask,she talk she explain everything oso fast!Got to read up more on my own.So lost.Si liao man:x But it's kinda interesting.Alot of things to understand n rmb thou.

Everyday gg by to realise i haven got much time before de first ICA.I wanna do well i really wan to but not juz by saying u see.I juz wish im more hardworking)): gotta kick tis bad habit of mine.I feel so stupid when im so lost in class discussions n when teacher calls on participation.I noe i cn.I juz gotta keep gg n not give up!I believe tat if others cn y cnt i?

Jas is gonna acc me get my lappy to de hos.Frm last wk say till now.Ouh kae gotta go do tut n sleep~!I need most!

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