Monday, May 3, 2010

weehee!miss me?bet u all do^^ many many things happened for de past few days.Too busy to update.Been twittering more so if u wanna noe wat im doing frm pt of time to time den juz follow me on twitter.

I dun have such awesomely nice mother lyk mangocsp nor do i have awesomely nice father lyk lee yy.Yes im envious but it would be endless.I accept my parents.They were de ones tat brought me up till hu n whr i am 2day.But most of de time,I cnt stand them!Srsly i wish i had no curfew.Yes i am a girl but so wat?as long as i inform u whr i would be isnt it gd enough?My case is not as worse as bff luh.But still.Sigh~ U both restrict me to lotsa things.And those are driving me crazy.i grow up le trying not to be rude lyk i always used to.But it seems lyk u prefer me being rude uh.I swallow my anger to make u less angry.Wat do i get?More wrong assumptions,given wet blanket n worse not to say.Y cnt u juz understand me?

I forgot many things tat i wanna mention.when i rmb i'll be back.Should juz use my BB to update-.-

And 2day at work one damn funny thing happened.yy nicole kathy n me wore de same hotpants to work lyk finally n we wanna take pic together.But kathy gotta extend so left me n de 2 other sweeties.Damn funny cn we lyk keep spot checking damn scared kana caught by manager.Gosh!I swear it's hell funny.And pic after pic kinda lyk all fail one leh.Cnt see face.Off camera n stuffs.3 of us were lyk laughing lyk crazy women.Anw got 1 kinda successful on?But ugly luh got de steamer in de pic-.- Ouh well i ask yy to crop away tat part.I love them ttm.W/o them work wont be fun n yes alyssa is coming back 2moro!!!Yeah!

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