Thursday, April 1, 2010

HA!April fools day.No work n might not be gg out.Juz nuah at hm.I juz feel utterly upset.If u say u trust me y dont u tell me?U're afraid tat i would let it out?Or afraid tat i would be angry?disppointed?Or what??!!Srsly den PLS DONT SAY u trust me!It's hurtful to hear n believe it yet ur actions speaks otherwise.Im not being emo here no need to consoloe me or whatsoever.I juz wanna say everything out.It's always lyk tat.When u're in doubt n de person start to gain ur trust n juz about time when u wanna start trusting n believe de person,poof he/she did something which make u think twice.Not being protective but juz so sensitive tat even de most lil thing hurts.Not tat not being able to be strong.I am.Juz not able to be when all odds are stacking against.What more if ur closest fren at de one u think does tis?Is it de way tat im always on my own?

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