Thursday, April 15, 2010

Im back.I bet everyone misses me a hell load!Hahaha.Ok im kinda getting insane cuz sch is starting n i dun wan!!!HELP ME~!!!

Timetable is out.And it kinda suck big time!Mon is ok cuz it ends de earliest!1pm.Den tue is ok,start late but short.Frm 1pm -4pm only.Wed suck big time!Lesson starts n freaking early at 8am n ends at 10.And guess wat?So AWESOME to have a break of 4 bloody hrs!waste time!Next lesson at 2pm-.- Nvm o top of tat de more sian thing is on de same day gotta face de same teacher for freaking 3 hrs!It's really omg!Thur nth much except i got jap lessons.Idk if i regret taking jap but ouh well got into it so jiayou ba daphne~ Fri not any fantastic.Frm 1010 to 4pm.Deciding whether to work on mon or thurs :x When should i?Quick tell me i gotta let my manager noe a.s.a.p.

It's sian,Sian n SIAN!!!N im worried if my classmates are gd or not.Of cuz cnt be as awesome as my yr 1's class.Im so gonna miss them)): Awww man!

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