Monday, April 19, 2010

Lately was busy working,working n working!A blink of an eye it's de start of a new yr in sch wit new classmates.1 word,4 alphabet, SIAN!Haha.I haven had enough of my hols yet!HAven had enough of fun!!!Well well.Nooo gd!Tats wat jonald always say.Miss my used to be classmates..Zzz.Nvm im looking forward to kbox wit yy 2moro n maybe kathy after sch.And super anxious n couldnt wait for fri's arrival.Cuz we're having chalet!!!Haha im sure gonna have so much of fun^^ *eyes glimmering wit joy*haha.

Juz got back not long ago frm beancurd city wit frens.Keep talking bout wat time to meet,deciding whr to for breakfast,or arguing bout hu's timetable suck more.Haha lame alright!Cuz tats how much we dreaded sch.Probably i dread more.Sigh~Sch's starting at 9am n idk wat time will i be able to fall asleep 2nite.Meeting gf n ppl for breakfast at 745 2moro.Hope i cn wake up!Now nth else n stoning.Shall dl some show to watch n kill time till im tired ba.

I werent de one hu said those words.It's always assumptions.Perhaps my action makes it doubtful bout wat i say.How bout ur's?Im not pushing de blame.Srsly.Im not sry at all.I didnt do anything to be at fault.Neither did i say u did.Juz forget it luh.Continue misunderstand me.Too tired of explanations.

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