Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sch is still not gd.Y??!!My heart really not quite settled yet.Cnt le!Gotta buck up!Late for lec 2day cuz i couldnt wake up.Ppl will got WTH!1pm lesson oso cn late.Yea!Juz lyk work every shift any i oso cnt wake up on time.TSk!Bad habits are really hard to die.

Met class during tut.First time-.- n guess wat?Nobody always volunteer for reps n stuffs so teacher decided to draw lots!Everybody put their admin cards into a bag n teacher did de work.*pick out a card identity facing de other way*Melissa is lyk:eh...tat card looks lyk...she pointed to me.Gosh i stared at her are u sure???Den teacher called on my name.WTH!!!So suay man!Out os 29 cards kena me.Dots luh...Module rep for biz law.How awesomely NICE!!!Humph!

And PEM came to class 2day to inform us some stuffs n she said smth which made us more SIAN!:U all noe 2moro u will be having ur NE lesson rite?Ur class's slot is 3.10 to 4.10.Walao eh!!!Den break is lyk frm 10am-2pm extended to 3pm.5hrs do wat siol???Waste time leh!!!Goodness.Wed is srsly a waste of time.

And tis time i hope de meet up wit colleagues will be successful.7 to kbox!And cnt wait for fri's chalet.Srsly i wan fun fun n wildness!!!But im afraid im falling sick.Nooo~pretty pls!Not at tis time when i wanna have all de fun before really getting srs to study:x gonna glup cups after cups of water!!!

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