Monday, April 19, 2010

First day of sch , well it's sch wat cn i expect-.- Miss my ex-classmates ttm!Missed first lesson cuz thx to weilun n ppl!late half an hr den yt they'll make teacher sound so scary so i dun wanna go liao:x hehe.slacked for 1 hr plus at library de cafe n de chou weilun play some horror thai movie.Class ended n go meet classmates for next lesson..If i didnt miss first lesson i would be able to see my ex-classmates juz opp of our class!Gosh!Waiting painfully for de time to pass n sch to end!It's gonna be a tough sem.i REALLY gotta be srs n do well tis time.No more procrastination.Yea actions do speak louder.Lec notes n needed tb add up to be $40++ dollars.OMG~!

After sch went to kpool n meet up wit ex-classmates before meeting colleagues.But end up for some reasons we postponed de meet up.Sian but nvm.Haha went to catch a movie(shuttle island).Rate only 5.5.Not a very nice thriller.I think de bk by jeffrey deaver de is much more nicer.Kae my reading addiction is back but i haven pay off my library fines.Cnt borrow bks!Next mth probably.

Thr's so many things i need to get butttt...Short of cash!!!N damn it mummy is unwilling to spare me some.Screw it!Nvm save on eating too much sure cn one!Now is mid mth n i thr's 17 more days to pay day.Cnt wait alrd-.-

Hope 2moro will be btr)):

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