Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Been super busy man.Tis wk got 2 ica over alrd next wk got 2 more next next got 2more!Gosh.So many things to do so lil time!

These few days appetite hasn't been gd.IDK y luh!This post i dun need console,i dun need lecturing nth juz listen to me if u choose to.Thr's juz so many things on my mind.Idk whr to start frm)):

I think i might have been living in vain for de past 18 yrs.I dun wanna talk bout sch work cuz well it'll be endless ranting.Family neither cuz i had enough for yrs.Sigh.Got damn lousy mood n couldnt get rid of it.Letting my emotions taking over me.Screw tis!I've never felt so alone before.So out of place.But thank god b is always thr for me.But not 24/7 luh cuz sometimes he's got his stuffs to be busy wit.And i wanna say sry to my dear lover.Got u so worried n i forgot to assure u im alright.Bff n jewell owe me htht!!!

All of a sudden thr's not tat much things i wanna post.So tat's tat.
Sometimes it juz came so randomly.And it drives me so insane tat i almost couldnt take it n break down.So shattered...

Dont ask me cuz feelings got no definitions.
Perhaps it was my bad.
It takes 2 hands to clap.
Im not wat u think i am.
Juz tat lil faithis so difficult?
U cn only keep thinking de way u wanna think.
I cant stop u.
It might be inevitable,or it might not.
God noes?
It upset me alot.
When i dont ask/mention doesnt mean idk or care.
Sometimes things should be left unspoken.
Too much explaination u might think im trying to find excuses.

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