Sunday, May 30, 2010

Miss me?Yes!u do!Hahaha lyk wat yy said twitter kinda replaced blogging sometimes cuz we're too busy to sit in frnt of de com n blog for even 20 mins or so.I hardly bring lappy to sch too cuz it's so heavy(2.5kg)!

Another day is ending so real soonnn!!!Awww.Sad another hectic wk is awaiting=x wed NE project trip plus study for thur jap ica,thur jap ica plus study for law ica,fri law ica.Sian sian sian n 2moro is mummy's bday but i couldnt take off despite ending sch so super late at 6pm.Bo bian short of staff gotta go as per normal but at 7pm so im working for lyk only 3.5 hrs.It's a nong nong day of sch n work.*exhausted*+*faints*

PLS.. payday faster come as im so god damn broke.

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