Friday, May 21, 2010

ICAs n upcoming projects are suffocating me.Things are gg much much faster for me tis sem.Probably cuz it's a shorter sem n many things are to be done.Next wk got marketing n biz fin ICA jialat man.My fin dunno cn make it not.Worse lesson is always mon plus mon blues even more sian lorx.Wk by wk passed as thou nobody's biz if im not gonna buck up n help myself nobody's gonna do it.I dun have tat awesome classmates tat'll be willing to stay back n teach me wat idk.

Get used to it, it's poly life.Everybody think for themselves.I shouldnt be so naive but den again if i cn i wont be selfish.But im often not of much help n need more help instead.I shall do it for myself.I feel so helpless n useless.FML!I dunno whr had my heart for studies gone to.I need to find n locket it back whr it should be.I've got no more time to waste.It's either now or never!Been forcing myself to do tut,n pay more attn be it lec or tut.But sometimes halfway thru my soul juz went missing.Ouh god.Im so pathetic.Yea i should stop whining or squander in self-pity n do wat i should nao!

Off to study marketing n my jap assignment tat is to be handed next wk.
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