Thursday, May 13, 2010

Feeling so tired lately.Too exhausted alrd.I used to hardly take naps but now i cnt take it alrd.I oso dunno y.Able to sleep late at 1 plus 2 n still wake up for class but now sleeping at 11 plus 12 plus still got difficulty waking up.Sigh.Ica starting next wk le.Jiayou ba daphne.Wo yao jin li.Rang na xie kan bu qi wo de ren ling yan xiang kan.

Feeling so stupid n saying i wan but i never do to make wat i wan come true den wats de pt of saying.Pathetic.Fuck man!Enough of these.I dont need any consoling ok.

In another less den an hr's time.Im so happy^^ When u said tat u were nervous i couldnt help but worry too.When u're waiting in anxiety im anxious too.But when u said u did it, i was happy n proud.Thou i knew u could do it definitely but still things are unpredictable rite?But im glad((: Juz make sure u're still one piece for me.Take care fo urself for me.

Things arent gg tat well tat smooth but i didnt expect it to be cuz hu said it would be?Aint?Times i wish i could go to somewhr far n forget bout all these for a lil while but escaping frm reality n being back to it eventually still gotta face it n find ways to conquer it.Well well shall go n start on my crm tut alrd.And i muz pay attn to law!!!

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