Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another more wk to go before de start of sch again.Yea dun remind me.Projects due dates are closing up.Days are getting shorter,time is passing faster.No more chilling man.Yes when it's busy,time is easier to pass but when not u find it bored.However when everything need ur attn tats whr i got so worked up,tired out n stressed out.I need to manage my time much btr or i'll screw myself.

2day work was slack,thus sales way bad.oh no!Hope de following days would be btr.After work we celebrated jr's bday for him.Bet he was surprised cuz he never expected it.Anw happy bday jr.U're super legal now.Hahaha!Took pics n uploaded em on fb.

2moro gg out wit dilys.But till now i ask her meet wat time she didnt reply!Probably sleep alrd.Smth is very weird happening in my tummy man!Thr would be times when i have not much appetite n 2 meals or even a meal a day would do but den when times lyk now!I ate an hr or so ago n i gets hungry again.Tis would go on a few days or wks den ltr normal den de no appetite comes again.Dun ask me to go c doc cuzx i got a weird tummy cuz it's lyk tat for yrs.Got high metabolism rate oso not use.Still gets fats at de tummy area.Swim so no use run make my calf muscles bigger.Den wat?

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