Thursday, June 24, 2010

Went out shopping wit dilys on tue.Mad shiok!Cuz i finally go shopping,get to htht wit her.Orchard>>clarke quay>>woodlands>>home.I got myself a rompper n a set of clothes.Not very happy cuz didnt found any tops i wan.But i got mummy de esprit bag she wanted.Sucha gd daughter rite?Hahaha.Orchard we go mainly for shopping den headed to clarke quay cuz dilys wanted to go take a look if thr's DIY for sticky sweets n we both bought a premium bag of sticky sweets.Damn nice^^ Den sit down htht n take pics(on fb) den walked along de whole stretch of pubs n restaurants n trained to woodland cuz she wanna get her ear pierced.And finally hm-ed at 9 plus.

Ytd spent de whole day wit baby.We had a movie marathon.Awesome((: He's so mean.He forgot it was his dad's bday so we last min go get a fruit cake for him.He looks kinda shocked n a lil happy?And asked how do u all noe it's my bday 2day.His mummy is even funnier.She went to check out his dad's passport to double cfm.So cute luh.Haha!

2day n dde day after is for projects)): well faster get it done soon lesser worries.At least i've got fri nite to look forward to((:

I think i really gave up.I htht wit someone hu noes it all very well.De person sees chance but i see impossibility.It hurts to be treated tis way.I really dunno wat wrong i've did.Dun tell me u really tat petty luh c'mon.Cant u initiate it?Anw u were de one tat want to do tis to me first.I couldnt say much neither could i even explain or find excuses cuz idk wat did i do to deserve tis frm u.I really really treasure our friendship a lot.I do continue seeing ur updates n stuffs.I dunno bout u n i long gave up thinking u would even see anything tat regards to me.Cuz 2day smth i see made me give up all these.ThankQ for being in my life thou.I wont forget everything bout u n our memories.U gave me so much to rmb my fren.

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