Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Had a pretty mediocre life lately.It's either sch work,tests n projects or work.Chat wit siti hafsah ytd at work n we both felt de same.Nonchalant.We noe wat it means.Ouh well.Nth much to complain about.Im so torn to do wat i have to.Very very exhausted.

Ytd i really had a shock of my life.FEAR came to my mind.Sometimes i wanna say if u wanna say sry to me den u noe i would get angry, y in de first place do it den say sry after tat?Sometimes im lyk tat too so i dun have de rights to say others.Well wat has happen had happened.Juz make sure it doesnt repeat.

Frens, sometimes Im not doubting all but some made me feel tat idk u are being truthful towards me or not.I am juz someone tat is so difficult to put in my trust.I noe it's hurtful to heard tis but fren,it takes time to build trust.And once u got it i would really have no doubts.Unless a day when u broke my trust, no matter how hard u try to gain it back u wont.Not fully.I am strong headed so at times im sry to let u tolerate me.But im thankful u did.I might remain silent by things u guessed i've known n i wish not to say a single thing cuz i believe i got no pt to qns u unless u truly wanna let me noe.Dun let me read between de lines cuz i never lyk guessing.

Ok enough of it.Back to study jap im still at hiragana chart omg!Pray for me pls~

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