Friday, August 13, 2010

2day met up wit jewell n ys n marcus again.Went to watch inception tgt plus Mr Foo.Half an hr thru de show im alrd lyk sleepy.Tired leh.N ys asked me n jewell 3 times:do u understand de movie?haha i dont!But till de ending i did.Had sakura dinner buffet at cairnhill.Mad full i tell u.But thr not much choices thou.I swear jewell is lyk a pig.Hahaha shall not go into further details y.Ppl tt noe her will noe y.Ys de reaction super funny when he accidentally ate a hum(dunno how to spell).Epic man.Well headed back earlier to watch unriddle.

Ya i noe ppl saying sing shows not nice etc.Hu cares.Ppl dun lyk to watch it's their prob, their preference wat.And my dad is super annoying!I noe its 7th mth plus fri de 13 etc.But well he always say im being rebellious n unreasonable when he's de unreasonable one!Damn.I dun care i dun care i dun care!And he made me go hm before 11pm which i did-.- And guess wat?He went out!I knew it.It's always lyk tt.Argh~

Well it's my dearest girlf CATHRYN ANG YI ZHEN's bday in a few mins time.In advance:Girlf happy birthday!U're finally legal!Anticipating n cnt wait for tis day to come aint?Haha well it came.Hope u'll enjoy ur day 2moro((: loves>.<

Working at 8am in de morning 2moro.Pls not let me be late=x

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