Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well one more working day n i'll be off officially for 2 wks.Ya luh wat else other den exams.No mood to work n stupid cramps came visiting again.Crap!Meeting dilys on tue to study finance n get frm her my efma tut.Woohoo really need help badly for finance man.Regret so much for not paying attn in tut.Lect forget it even if i pay attn i wont understand a single thing de teacher is trying to say.Time to mug mug mug real hard.Started alrd on my Crm.Gotta memorise soon.Tts de first paper.Hope i'll do well for it cuz i failed ica1=x yea rite de whole class less den 5 passers n whole cohord less den 50%.Real bad uh?Now it's lyk =x =x =x much! Juz 3 more wks n it'll be over!

Love MnM's(crispy) n toblerone^^
Am a hardcore choco love((:

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