Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The old fridge.Dead alrd@_@

The new one!
Fridge had been down for a wk!No ice no food n stuffs.Damn pathetic.And finally de new fridge came 2day!!!More chio rite de colour?On pic it looks nicer leh.It's rosewood but whenu actually see it,it look lyk dark wood colour only.Well whatever as long it serves a gd purpose!
And finally i got my off day!Aft working for straight 4 days.Nth much compared to 6 n more.
So having pasta mania for lunch!i wanna learn how to put on fake eye lashes nicely cuz mascara is a chore.Go work put mascara come back freaking tired alrd to even move wat more remove it.Fake eye lash easy job.Juz pull it out willl do.But de prob is,i need to learn how to put it on nicely first!Cn someone pro teach me???

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