Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tis is a real busy work.Its not gonna be it's alrd cfm-ed!Blog dead not due to negligence.Is due to constantly tire out to come online even.Left 4 wks to first paper n i haven yet to start studyiing.Trying to give my time to work n squeezing it out to try give time to ppl i wanna meet before everybody gets busy wit sch n studies.And am so gonna be broke tis mth.Bdays n wat?Ouh de usual bills.Wan em to enjoy wat i didnt n get btr of wat i did((:

And ya im srsly considering dying my hair dark red.So nice leh.Pls not aunty kae.But i scared uh.Idk leh but i really love de colour it looked so nice when i see someone havin tt hair colour~!Only scared dun match my skin tone.Plus brown is so common!Plus i noe i'll still look adorable(bhb-.-).

Do i really have de ahlian face?Tis pt helping out at our outlet frm msq asked me randomly:do u smoke?Im lyk no...y?I look lyk i do uh?He said ya.I asked again is it cuz i got ahlian face he said ya!Omg~Well his not de first anw.
Tsk tsk tsk!

Fan si ren le!!!

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