Friday, August 27, 2010

This photo was taken 1 yr plus ago.I dun rmb hu took it thou n when i was resting in de train!HUmph>.< I still look cute when im fast asleep rite?Haha i noe now i look lyk shit uh wit not enough sleep n everything.Everyone says i look chubbier last time.To me lyk no diff.Maybe cuz i see myself in de mirror everyday.

Mugging real hard.Sometimes i dun think i cn make it i'll still force myself.Cnt afford to fail any modules.Wont be blogging of fb-ing for tis period of time.So anything jz text me or u cn follow me on twitter whcih would be de only social networking thingy i would be using.

Wish Me De Best of Luck((:

If i walk would u run?
If i stop would u come?
If i say u're de one would u believe me?
If i ask u to stay,would u show me de way?
Tell me wat to say,so u wont leave me.

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