Saturday, September 11, 2010

Exams are over n im back to fb,blog n work.Yea work.Haha.Miss me rite???*winks*^^ Dun wanna talk bout papers cuz results will do de work.I only noe aft 4 consecutive days of papers cuz me insomnia in de wee hrs of de day n super tired when i should be awake.Shagged much.Never felt so deprived of sleep im my life before.Kay, shall not complain since i've survived n its OVER!Am so gg broke tis mth wit bdays n shopping( not much for myself)): ) n yes most imptly i needa dye my hair badly~!Kay,am still complaining.Eh not!Is whining.Hehe..Look wat had exams done to me?

Shall get gg to bed soon cuz thr's still work ltr on=x

Back for more^^

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