Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ytd was my last day of work before my 2 wks off for exams.Not exactly 2 wks but a lil more den tt uh.Studied a lil in de afternoon 2day for finance.Yea lyk i finally started.Dilys came over to my place to study cuz we've got no idea whr to go to study.So sian.I only manage to finish 2 topics?And i haven tried those qns yet only de lec illustration.Gotta push myself real hard to study hardcore tis wk.It's real difficult man.=x
No choice 1st paper is next thursday!Boohooo)): And dilys got me tis when she went to malaysia last wk!So kawaine.Thr's mirror,contact lens casing,de solution bottle n de clip thingy.Everything u need!ThankQ~

P.s.:Text me if u dun see me online often.Miss me oso text me!hahaha..

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