Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Haven been blogging.Hectic schedules.Soon it'll be routine.Wat is it lyk?smth but wat is it tt u're not telling me?I feel so indifferent.Is it not gonna change u being nonchalant?Ok rephrase.How could u remain nonchalant when u heard these?Doesnt matter of bothers u much?Or at least trying to be protective?Tell me!Idk...Sighs.

Tep timetable's out.Diff frm jas,xuan n all.Im starting classical 1st.Den full shift n finally half.Wit me are ppl i noe lyk mel,sinyee,ikah,fasheng,khairul n aswin.Not sure bout de rest thou.Might not even be in de same class.But for these ppl at least all our shifts are de same.Not tt bad thou.Jas starting full shift wit bff n kar probably half.It suck.Period.The link is here ppl.Go check it out urself. www.nyp.edu.sg/SBM/teporientation .Well de least we could do is enjoy our hols tgt as much as we cn.Cuz we aint got time to meet tt often when sch starts n tt suck too.Cuz i'll miss waiting n being waited by.Ouh wells.

Party time when de day turns dark.Let our hairs down n show our wildness!woohoo!!!

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