Sunday, October 10, 2010

Midshift 2day n i didnt noe it was gordon's last day.Work's super boring man!Hon asked if i wanna go sheesha wit em i was lyk let me think bout it.End up i went cuz nic gg too.Chat n stuffs left at 11plus.Took a grp pic tgt.Lousy photographer by some passerby.

Troubling over wat to wear for DnD cuz idk hu to borrow frm)): Yes,am fucking broke!I so wanna get de coloured lense(encore) cuz bernice wear n i think it looks not bad n its de cheapest among coloured lenses.Not including those online ones thou.Well morning 2moro.Sian 2 more days to off.Cn de damn timetable lyk come out alrd?I needa plan my schedule!Working extras.Tis mth's pay too lil.Sigh.

I dun lyk u!Argh!

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