Monday, November 15, 2010

Damn my lappy's bluetooth!Cnt send pic over)): wanted to upload a pic of me wit curls nicely done by jewell^^ ouh well. Too busy working slacking n spending quality time wit frens n loved ones.I love it thou.I've got awesome frens((: We turned 9 ytd.And always rmb im true towards u,love.

Always love spending time wit jewell.We're in for awesomeness!Time always pass damn fast.Well fun time dun last,sadly)): Lil sis started work 2day.Yea i noe i 嘴硬 luh.I say dun wan work wit her cuz she irritating n we not close n stuffs.But still a lil worried she gets bullied.Its her first time really gg out to de society to work.And she damn naive one leh.Tsk!Well gotta let her go to let her learn on her own.Nobody cn be thr for her forever.Mummy so poor thing.Wit sis working,daddy if ot n me hardly at hm she so lonely.She say nvm one y need ppl to pei but in her heart sure dun feel tt way de ma.I cn only try to be hm earlier of more frequent but nt sure i'll be able to.I love my mama thou she so mean at times!I would be nth w/o her.

No matter wat,nth is fair.So dun whine bout hw unfair it gets.(i do tt a lot thou)Sometimes somethings are beyond our control.Juz make de best outta everything.As long as we do our best, at least thr's no regrets.Philosophical shit tt i cn tell ppl bt cnt get myself n my bloody brain to think tis way.I feel it.De demoralising,upset,disappointed feeling.Im gonna do it right n make it right tis time rnd.It aint a want.It's a must!
Toodles~ projects need to be completed.

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