Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It suck totally nt being able to upload pic ok.No pics=boring.Busy wit life so blog's neglected?Aint gossip girl nor living in their world full of sex,party,backstabbing n bitching other than gossiping.Life had been pretty mundane lately.Some grp of classmates i have for classical.Not gonna see em any often except those crm peeps.Well some are kinda fun bt in life thr's always gd byes n new hellos rite?Classical is officially over.In 2 wks time, full shift starts.Hols for me is only 8 days.Have to make gd use of it.

Been talking to B.Got me crying agn.Tis time nt bout hw or why he bully me.STUDIES.Well how well have i done so far?Pretty much lyk shit.Results are way too disappointing n demoralising. Wat do u say?Tis had always been my issue.Screwed yr 1,worse done yr 2 sem 1.Always green wit envy when i see ppl getting gd results.And i always tell myself i cnt do tis last min thing being lazy n stuffs agn.It's juz so costly.Thr's a price to pay for everything.Either truce or consequences.Getting worried but nt doing anything to make things happen.

Well i chose to do things tis way n i've paid a heavy price.Hu wouldnt wanna go to uni?Probably nt de wants or some cuz they dun find a need to.For me of cuz i hope i could made it, nt juz for my future ultimately bt also to make my mother proud.I've only done her proud once.And tts nt smth awesome or sucha big deal to boast about.Becuz its juz a tiny moment.That was de last time i see her so happy.I sometimes feel im a gd for nth.Wit no plan,no goal in life.Wat do i wan in future?I have no freaking idea.Start thinking?Frm whr do i do?Im lost.Im nt squandering in self pity.Juz too much on my mind.If im gonna die young,I'll die wit many regrets.Really.FML.Bt i hope nt.I wanna fill em slowly wit none.Den at least,im a somebody.

However im determine to NOT be a failure in life.

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